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Fishing Slip Corks for Speckled Trout and Reds

I'm pretty stubborn in my fishing habits for the most part. Especially during the Summer months. This time of year, I tend to gravitate to pitching Sheepshead jigs tipped with live Shrimp almost 90% of the time. The problem with this is when I'm faced with bigger charter groups. Fishing jetties on the bottom with...
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Trout Season Is Underway

The weather gods must be at war because the temperatures are all over the place! One day its calm and warm, the next it's blowing 35 knots and 35 degrees... The sharp drops in temperature have made for tough fishing in the river. The Drum spawn hasn't started yet either and I believe it has...
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Deep Water Lure Fishing

Its been another windy week! Calmer conditions it seems are getting harder and harder to come by. This week, I'm going to touch a bit on lure fishing in windy weather. Not just in windy weather, but deep water situations in the river. For most anglers, when you think about lure fishing in saltwater, you think...
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Live Bait for Flounder and Trout

Its getting to be that time of year when the Flounder and Tarpon start showing up in the St. Johns River. The smaller Tarpon have been caught this week in Mayport Inlet. Captain Chris Kell of Fish Whisperer Charters, put his clients on 3 Tarpon this week. Two smaller fish around 40 inches long and...
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