Hand Made Rig for Bull Reds

This is a tutorial on how I make my Red Fish and Drum rigs for fishing deep water with fast current. Primarily Jetty's and St. Johns River shoulders.

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  1. Hey Steve,

    Great video. Instead of using an improved clinch to cinch down your hook/leader line against your dropper loop, have you ever considered or used tying another non-slip knot and looping them together for the leader section to your hook. As you going through the video, I thought that was were you were headed . . . this way you can switch out your hook/leader line just like you could a new sinker.

    Just curious. Feel free to email me back.

    I hope one day to meet and/or charter you.

    21ft Welcraft CC
    “Queen Bee”

    • admin

      You could do this if you wanted to. For me, I want my rig to be as sensitive as possible. Having two loop knots connected together will cause issues. I would prefer a solid line connection. A clench knot makes the rig solid with no chance of “play” or slack occurring. Two Loops attached to each other aren’t a solid connection. This may not matter very much when talking about Bull Reds but, sometimes Ill use this rig to target monster Sheepshead in water as deep as 80 feet. Those solid connections make it easier to detect smaller, less obvious bites. Normally, I will use a Carolina Rig to target Sheepshead however, in February and March we get Sheepshead over 10 pounds in the deep structures. When we target them we use this same rig with a 4/0 J-hook attached to half a Blue Crab.

      Thanks for the reply and I have a few more Tutorials coming.

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