Species Availability

Below you will find a list of the fish species Capt. Steve primarily targets and the months when the bite is hot for that particular fish.  You'll find that winter in Jacksonville is a fun time to fish while we still have good runs of inshore and near shore fish year round.

If you would like to target a specific fish, just give Capt. Steve a call, let him know what you're after and he'll do his best to get you on that trophy!

Bull Red Drum August-November 
Flounder October-November
Trout December-March
Slot Red Drum Year Round
Sheepshead October-December and March-May
Giant Black Drum March-May
Slot Black Drum Year Round
Triple Tail April-June
Cobia (Sight-Fishing) May-June
Tarpon June-September
Sharks June-October

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