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Dialing in on Sheepshead

We knew this was going to be a tough day going into it. The forecast wasn't looking good Thursday night. We decided to head out later than I normally would to give the sun some time to warm things up a bit. We got to the ramp and it was blowin! I knew better but,...
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Thinning The Herd – Last two trips

Went out the 17th and today to target some more of my favorite Winter species, Sheepshead. On the 17th, I was out with an old friend. He had so much fun the previous trip that he had to do it again. Sheeps were still biting, but it was a bit tougher. Today, we took advantage...
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Sheepshead & Bull Reds are Biting at the Jetties

The Sheepshead bite has been pretty good. The fish are a little on the smaller side but mostly keepers. We got out there on the down going tide and started off working the North rocks. The fish were chewing right away except, we were missing all of our hook sets. Eventually, luck joined our side...
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Inlet Convicts!

After spending the day with friends over at the Florida Sportsman Expo, we made plans to get Tim and Tammy on their first ever Sheepshead. We hit the ramp around 9am and quickly made wakes for the Inlet. Conditions were less than favorable at first and the Sheepshead were not cooperating. We started on the...
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