Wrapping Up the Redfish Spawn in the St. Johns

Josh and his father had never caught a Bull Redfish before and really wanted to catch one. There is nothing like seeing others who have never got their hands on one of these giants get that first fish. We made it happen. They made the drive over from Gainsville and met me at the Mayport ramp at 7am. We hit the water and reached our one and only stop right at the tail end of the out going tide. Got situated and started setting up the rod spread. 2 rods baited with Cracked Blue Crab and 1 Cut Mullet rig. The first fish hammered one of the Crab rigs in nearly no time at all. Pops had his hands full. I don't think they were expecting the intensity of current that we have. By time he got that fish in the boat, he was feelin it! His first Bull was a stout 44 incher. Josh was next at bat and man, same story, another enormous Red. His was easily the same size if not bigger. From this point on they continued to take turns catching Reds for the next couple hours until the weather kicked up. It wasn't long before we called it a day. We all decided to hit Singletons on the way out and had a nice lunch. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday  Josh and his father both got what they were after. They seemed to really enjoy the experience.

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