There are a lot of different fishing options to choose from right now. There are Tarpon on the beach and in the Inlet, slot and over slot Reds against the rocks in the Inlet and Little Jetties(what's left of them), The Trout bite is good towards town, The Flounder bite is getting good in a number of areas. More specifically, At the Big Jetties and on virtually any St. Johns River dock between the Inlet and Down Town. They are pretty spread out and you'll have to put in work to gather numbers but rest assured, they're around. The Bull Reds are in all their usual haunts both up river and in the Inlet. Do them a favor though and try not to target them in the Inlet. It's not in their best interest to be targeted in such close proximity to thick numbers of big sharks. You'll be bringing in heads rather than whole Bull Reds. You'll have better Reds up river anyways and with less harassment from apex predators.

The artificial bait fishing is on fire. You can easily attain a NE Florida Slam without bait all over the river right now. We've easily caught over 50 Reds in the past 2 weeks on Rapala X Raps and Slayerinc SSB and SST soft plastics.

The Shrimp boat action is hot and there is no shortage of fast and furious, line screaming craziness to be found. No hassle, no wait, instant gratification. Big Jacks as large as 50 pounds and all manner of sharks. You can pitch large plugs behind the these boats and get these guys nearly every cast. Change out the treble hooks to heavy bodied, barbless J-Hooks and you'll lose far less plugs.

We just concluded our second, 2 part series of Bill Dance Saltwater. We were able to catch plenty of monster Bulls as well as a variety of odd balls. One Red was 48 inches and Bill quotes that it was the biggest Red Fish he has ever seen in his 50 year career. Pretty dang cool coming from him. Another highlight was a legal Cobia that Bill Caught up river. I've seen plenty of juvenile fish out there but never a legal one in the river. Sorry we didn't get more, better quality pictures but the clock was against us. Between venting, setting up the shots and releasing, there wasn't time to get proper camera time on them.

We also had the opportunity to put the Weather Channels, Jim Cantore on some fish this week. Great time.

Tight lines....

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