St. Johns River – Mixed Bag

Ian has been wanting to get out and fish with me for some time. Today was a teacher's planning day so we gave it a go. First thing we did is hit the Inlet in search of bird activity.  The past few trips out the bait has been running out of the inlet and with these Jacks around that can make for a fun time for kids (both old and young). Luck wasn't with us at first but on the way back in we saw commotion on the surface around 50 yards or so off my starboard bow. It was Jacks blowing up a large school of Glass Minnows. We rolled up with Ian in position up front ready to make a cast. He tosses a Rapala XRap slap dab in the middle of the blow ups. I don't think he got a second past the first twitch of the bait when a 15 pound Jack destroyed it. 15 minutes later he lands the fish, I took a picture and we proceeded to do this probably 20 more times.... That boy will sleep well tonight, I can assure you of that. After an exhausting hour or so of that, we decided to take it easy and soak some Shrimp for a bit. We loaded up on some really nice Croakers. After a while, the current got a little too intense and we decided to head to a few grass flats that have been holding some fish. The bite was slow but we did manage a few Flounder, Trout and a nice 28" Red that inhaled an Unfair Lure.

Bait and Rigging

We were catching the Jacks, Trout and Flounder with Rapala XRaps in two different color patterns. One was all white with a red throat and the other was silver and black with a red throat. It was sunny today with very little cloud cover. The surface was choppy and conditions were windy. When it's like this, suspending divers make things so much easier. Even with a 15 knot gust pulling a loop in my line, as long as there's tension, the bait stays down. It has an amazing action that requires no effort to impart. Just reel it in with the rod tip down. Simple. Or twitch, twitch, pause, rinse and repeat. When the Jacks hit it, hang on!

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