Full Moon Flounder Run

The morning started off pretty good picking up a few fish right away. We started off on what had been a productive stretch of shell bottom for us last year. Picked up a few short fish early on and stayed on course. Kept fan casting the bank and before long, Chip got a solid fish hooked up. He walked it over to the net and into the box she went! we did this a few more times and before we knew it, we ran out of Bank to fish at this spot. Not too bad, on our first drift we picked up 6 Flounder with 4 being keepers. We arrived at our next stop, started casting and wasn't long before I walked a solid Flatty to the net. It wasn't long after that that we ran out of Gulp, Mantis Shrimp (got 1 bag this morning, everybody was sold out). We managed to pick up 1 more keeper afterwords on a White Gulp Shrimp but the Flounder just weren't as into them. Kinda weird that the bite stopped right after running out of White Mantis Shrimp. Not sure if it was a coincidence or a tide issue but, it seemed to us that the Mantis Shrimp was the ticket for us this morning. Time to stock up! 

Fishing was tough overall due to the full moon and not having a trolling motor on board. Given the situation, it was still fun. Always a pleasure Chip! 

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