Inshore Flounder and Trout

We went out in search of some Flat fish and Trout. Hit a few grass flats and man, the fishing has really been slow for us. We got some decent fish but had to cover so much ground..... The numbers definitely weren't there. We picked up a fish here and there on both of the days that we went out but never really got to tear anything up. On the up side, Ronnie did get his personal best Flounder this morning at 22 inches and pretty fat. Found a lot of Trout going off but couldn't seem to get them to bite consistently. They were blowing up on the surface in the morning. We got a couple decent fish. We lost a massive one boat side that was pushing 25+ inches. Slow couple days but always a good thing when you can put a kid on some fish.

We caught the Flounder on a combination of J&T Jigs (basically, a Texas rig with a small inline spinner attached to it, Slayer Stick Baits, Gulp Mantis Shrimp in Pearl White and for the Trout, 4 inch Skitterwalks in Chrome and Chartreuse coloration. The J&T Jig was used with a 4" Gulp Shrimp. 

The higher end of the incoming tide seemed to be the better tide for us. Lower tide both days didn't produce anything at all. 

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