RED FISH EVERY WHICH WAY – dropping the hammer with artificials as well as bait

The weird weather/season transition continues.... The Sharks are here thick, but the Tarpon are nowhere to be found. Odd to say the least. The Pogies that were thick for a week or so have scattered and just about vanished. The warm winter is steady biting us in the rear end.... Normally, the Tarpon start showing up before the bulk of the Black Tip migration arrives but, not this year. The Sharks showed up first. My guess is the Tarpon are still with the rest of the Menhaden schools.

The good news, the Reds are readily available in all their normal haunts. The Jetties have been on fire. Today for example, we caught 12 in a matter of 2 hours. Not to mention Sharks and large Jacks between catches. We've been staying hooked up on the inside tips of both the North and South jetty's. The deeper holes between 65 and 80 feet are holding ridiculous numbers of Red Fish. To do it right, you'll need to step away from the usual Blue Crab or cut baits. They aren't producing right now. With all the bait migrating into the river, the Reds are tuned towards Mullet in a big way.

Far as where to gather some healthy Mullet, 2 places are getting the job done. My go to, the West Chicopit creek mouth across from White Shell. The large shell mound on the West bank of the creek mouth is covered up in great Red Fish and Tarpon worthy Mullet. They are averaging 5-8 inches and their numbers are improving with each passing day. The other spots are the outside tips of the jetties. Huge Mullet schools are migrating around the tips and are very convenient. Especially on an incoming tide.

The artificial baits are not to be overlooked. Some days, the Xraps and Slayer soft plastics are producing more Red Fish action for us than natural baits. The biggest thing is matching the hatch and using bait with a color contrast that corresponds with the water clarity. The water has been dirty leading up to the weekend and the only thing the fish would eat was a dark, Mullet colored XRap. The Glass Ghost, which is my "go to" color wouldn't get touched. Switched over to a darker pattern and voila, 6 Reds from 27-31 inches in a matter of 30 minutes. That's how it goes. Vice versa is the case when the water is clean and clear. That's when the Glass Ghost Xrap gets wrecked. Same deal with the Lemon Drop, Pepper Death and Silver Mullet SST and SSB soft plastics from SlayerInc. These things produce....

Catch em up....

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